Controller, Gas & Electric/Brake/Turn-Signal/Running Light Controller

Item Price: $99.00

PN: 052509-01E   052509-01G (“Patent Pending”)

Required Option

The 052509-01E  052509-01G Controller is used to control (4) 052309-01 LED lamp assemblies to perform the functions of Brake Lights, Turn Signals and running (parking lights). It requires 12VDC to operate. It has inputs to control the running light function, the brake light function and the turn signal function. It has outputs for the two front LED lamp assemblies and the rear LED lamp assemblies. The Turn Signals are controlled by a 3-position center-off switch and will blink for a pre-set (user adjustable) length of time in the range of 3-15 seconds after being activated. The brake lights are controlled by a brake pedal mounted switch and the running and headlights are controlled by the "lights" switch


Power Supply-DC-DC Item Price: $88.00

PN: 052809-01

Required Option

The 052809-01 Power Supply is a High-Frequency DC-to-DC converter switching regulator. It has a pre-set output voltage of 13VDC and is capable of supplying up to 14 Amps (182 Watts). It will function with an input voltage in the range of 30VDC to 55VDC (it can be used with both36 volt and 48 volt systems).

Red Lamp Assembly Set: $28.00 Item Price: $14.00 each

PN: 052309-01DL (DL= Driver Left Rear) 

PN: 052309-01PR (PR= Passenger Right Rear) 

Amber Lamp Assembly Set: $28.00 Item Price: $14.00 each

PN: 052309-02DL (DL= Driver Left Front) 

PN: 052309-01PR (PR= Passenger Right Front)

Brake Switch Assembly Item Price: $13.00

PN: 072109-01

License Plate Assembly [Elect] Rear Item Price: $18.00

PN: 072109-04Ee Plate Assembly Rear [Gas] Item Price: $18.00 PN: 072109-4G                                                 

Headlight Assembly Item Price: $22.00

PN: 072109-02

Horn Assembly Item Price: $14.00

PN: 072109-03

WINDSHIELD WIPER ARM & BLADE 11" CHROME, Manual Assembly Item Price: $36.00

PN: 072109-05

WINDSHIELD WIPER ARM & BLADE 14" CHROME, Manual Assembly Item Price: $38.00

PN: 072109-06

License Plate Bracket Front Item Price: $6.00

PN: 092309-01

Battery Meter Item Price: $39.95

PN: RJR-A-061110-01S-48VOLT

Battery Meter Item Price: $39.95

PN: RJR-A-061110-02S-36VOLT

**Frame Assembly W/Windshield Item Price:

PN: 101309-01---discontinued.

**Frame Assembly WO/Windshield Item Price:

PN: 101309-05---discontinued.

 *Tinted Windshield Item Price: $85.00

PN: 101309-03

 *Clear Windshield Item Price: $85.00

PN: 101309-04

  Mirror Item Price: $20.00

PN: 101309-02

* Most windshields, model must be verified.

** Most models, must be verified.

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